A Little PropRep for Oklahoma

I’m hesitant to trundle out the old trope about the multitude of states being laboratories of democracy, I’m going to do it anyway for convenience. Sometimes the image is reality. One fearless state might venture out on a controversial issue such as legalization of marijuana or gay marriage, and, observing that this state does not immediately sink ashen gray into the sea, other states soon follow suit. Regarding social issues there is certainly some laudable outright experimentation, especially regarding medicinal drug use and equal protection issues. However, most of the time the various states in the Union are dishearteningly uniform in their conception and execution of the democratic process. Continue reading “A Little PropRep for Oklahoma”

Units of Democracy

What is currency? Wealth? Power? Currency is at the heart of our value system. When people say they admire businessmen or powerful and wealthy people, what aspect do they admire. The common denominator is wealth, but what is wealth? An accumulation of currency, whether “earned” or simply obtained. Either method of acquisition, if the methods can even be said to have any real difference, are acceptable. Admired or not, wealth equates to power. Surely, there are alternative sources of power, but wealth is one of the only methods of transferable power. Continue reading “Units of Democracy”

G20 Summit 2017: Waste of Cocktails

This year’s G20 Summit in Hamburg includes what we have come to expect from meetings of the global superpowers. Photo ops, posturing, pontificating, scoffing, and a healthy dose of protest.

The police prevented the protestors from doing any significant damage. The protestors flipped and burned cars, smashed windows and both sides inflicted and suffered numerous injuries. The protestors used catapults to launch rocks and cocktails (the flaming launchable variety) and some were armed with hand weapons intent on bludgeoning the police or hoping to return a previously received bludgeon. Thankfully there was only minor disruption to Melania Trump’s tour of the historic Hamburg harbor.

Continue reading “G20 Summit 2017: Waste of Cocktails”