Foxes, Monkeys, Elephants & Donkeys

We should all look more deeply at one long-simmering issue that may be actually be a root cause of many of our other problems. Oklahoma’s distressingly low voter turnout and the lack of citizen participation in government contributes to every other problem our state faces, including the current budget shortfall. Continue reading “Foxes, Monkeys, Elephants & Donkeys”

Restoration, not Revolution

We no longer need to imagine the possibility of a destructive revolution in this country. Today we endure a system of government which operates ostensibly under the same constitution we have long enjoyed. We have elections where votes are cast and counted, a robust separation of powers and an extensive web of checks and balances seemingly in full effect. This external veneer belies the true nature of our government. Continue reading “Restoration, not Revolution”

The True Seat of Mischief

Hillel the Elder famously and somewhat enigmatically posed the question “if I am not for myself, then who is for me?” And while on its surface, and being read with a modern eye, this question might appear to be a simple prod for pushovers everywhere to show some backbone and stand up for themselves, the next part of the quote invites a more subtle reading. Continue reading “The True Seat of Mischief”